Alhambra resident Scott Langteau appreciates city’s sense of community

Scott Langteau, left, receives Certificate of Appreciation from Councilmember Jeff Maloney at Nucleus Art Gallery.

There are many remarkable men and women in Alhambra. This is the story of one of them. Scott Langteau is a small town boy from the tiny town of Seymour, Wisconsin. After college at the University of Wisconsin and Villanova, he moved to big city Los Angeles to pursue his Hollywood dreams.

While working as a producer of video games, Mr. Langteau was involved in the creation of two of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful franchises in videogame history: Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Over his career, he has worked for DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Activision, Disney/Pixar, and the Jim Henson Company.

He founded his own video game production company in 2012, Spark Unlimited. He has also become the author of children’s books. Drawing on his experiences with video games, his first book, Sofa Boy, is a cautionary tale of a boy who spends too much time playing these seductive electronic games. Sofa Boy was the winner of the 2009 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best Children’s Picture Book for Ages 4 to 8.

Mr. Langteau’s second book, The Question, is a fantasy from his own Wisconsin childhood about a home alone adventure of being snowed in. His third and most recent book is Bullied, the story of victims and perpetrators of childhood bullying. It is a contemporary look at modern-day bullying and the impact it has on the futures of all involved.

A seven-year resident of Alhambra, Mr. Langteau has discovered Alhambra’s small-town feel in the midst of a large metropolis. He appreciates the diversity and sense of community that the city has. With his artist’s eye, he has created a visually attractive front yard that took first prize for the First District in the 2019 Alhambra Beautiful Awards contest sponsored by the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce. Yet, he does still miss the snow of Wisconsin.


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Sep 2020


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