Saigon Eden created by passion for Vietnamese food

By Chamber Ambassador Jewelyn Co

Pan fried salmon with red garlic rice and vegetables.

Winter is here, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy a warm bowl of soup. Some say their favorite soup to have on a cold day is a Vietnamese soup dish called pho because of its flavorful beef broth, hearty meats, and the fulfilling noodles that can be warming to the stomach. Among the many Asian restaurants in Alhambra, Saigon Eden is one of the few that serves home style authentic Vietnamese comfort foods such as the reputable pho, as well as bahn mi sandwiches and rice dishes.

This family-owned restaurant first opened in 2007 at its first location in the San Gabriel Valley. After five successful years, Saigon Eden opened its second location on one of the busiest streets in Alhambra. The former restaurant Pho 79 was offered to Ken Nguyen by his aunt when she decided to retire from the restaurant business. Mr. Nguyen did not hesitate to take the opportunity to continue the family business. His long-term experience with the restaurant and his passion for Vietnamese food gave him the reason to open Saigon Eden. “We all love food. I love pho, and I eat it every day,” he said. “So why not open a business that I am very passionate about.” Instead of keeping the original name of Pho 79, Mr. Nguyen decided to rename it after his idea of combining the name of a Vietnam city, Saigon, and his mother’s interest in gardening, creating the name Saigon Eden.

Saigon Eden offers the taste of traditional Vietnamese dishes that can be enjoyed family style or as individual servings. Most customers specifically dine in for the meat variant pho; it is served steamy with savory beef broth, rice noodles, and assortments of meats. It is garnished with basil leaves, onions, bean sprouts, and lime. Another local favorite is the banh xeo, a traditional Vietnamese dish with a texture like tacos, made from pan fried rice crepe with shrimp, pork, and vegetables.

Saigon Eden will be developing different recipes to create food fusions. From appetizing handmade egg rolls to sweet desserts, Saigon Eden will once in a while introduce fusioned entrees. “Sometimes I get tired of the original, so I try to change it up and kick it up a notch,” Mr. Nguyen said. “It is about trial and error. To find that satisfaction, you have to keep trying.” Don’t expect to see a drastic change on the menu because Mr. Nguyen will still be keeping it traditional.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food at Saigon Eden, located at 29 S. Garfield Ave, Alhambra 91801. Find them on Yelp.com. Follow Saigon Eden on Facebook, or visit the website at www.saigoneden.com for more information.


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Mar 2019


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