Alhambra offers many online services

The City of Alhambra now offers a wide range of convenient web-based services that can save residents and business owners valuable time and the hassle of having to make a trip to City Hall to wait in line for services. Using the online services option, available at www.cityofalhambra.org, under the Online Services section, users can gain secure access to city services from one’s home or office 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and anywhere in the world where there’s access to a Web connection.

Online services enable residents and business owners to pay bills using a credit or debit card (as well as sign up for automatic payments with a credit card or bank account), track payments, complete certain applications, and even book tee time at the golf course and more. All users have to do to get started with online payment services is to set up an account and security code.

Some of the most accommodating services for residents include being able to pay for utilities services online; pay for a Temporary Overnight Parking Permit on - line without having to drive to one of the two kiosks located in town at the Alhambra Police Department and at the 7-Eleven Store at 2150 S. Fremont Ave.; apply for as well as pay for the City’s annual Paramedic Subscription Service program; and register for Community Services classes and other related activities. One can also report a variety of issues online, from potholes to garage conversions, and much more.

For those who have had the misfortune of getting a parking violation citation in the City of Alhambra, there is the ability to pay for the citation or contest it online. The online services section also provides access to making an online police report, including being able to provide police officers with an anonymous tip; making an online building or zoning complaint; reporting an abandoned shopping cart; as well as registering for the Police Department’s Vacation House Check Program.

For business owners, Web-based services include the ability to complete a business license application online, including the ability to pay for a new or existing business license. It’s even possible to conduct a business license name search, as well as obtain a list of licensed businesses in Alhambra without a call or visit to City Hall.

The online section of the Web site also provides quick access to related online services that are not handled by or connected to the City of Alhambra, including holding mail service; trash/recycling services and payments; animal control service requests; pet licenses/renewals; reporting dead birds; reporting electrical street outages; obtaining property assessment information; copies of real estate records; registering to vote; applying for a marriage license; and seeking to obtain a birth or death certificate and other vital records.

Access many of these services and stay connected with up-to-the-minute push notifications by downloading the new Gateway Alhambra app.

The next time residents need the assistance of local government, they can take a walk to the nearest computer or tablet and see if they can save themselves a trip to City Hall — or other nearby government agency — by conducting their business online.


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Aug 2019


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